• Who We Are.

    We follow Jesus and we love people

    Let's be honest. The young adult/college years can be slightly confusing. It can be hard to find "your people" or "your place" to belong. And maybe you're asking bigger questions about life, meaning, God or looking for somewhere that you can journey with others.


    Well, we're glad you're here.


    We are striving to be a safe place for everyone to explore what it means for faith to be lived. You are welcome no matter your story, doubts, questions or experience in church. We don’t have it all together or know the answers to life's hardest questions, but we are trying to create an environment where we focus on Jesus’ “others-centered” message. This message invites us to love God, love people, and serve the world — simple in theory, complicated in practice.


    Whoever you are, where ever you come from, you will be welcomed and loved here.


    Sundays at 6PM

    Overlake Christian Church

    9900 Willows Rd. Redmond WA 98052

  • Connect in a Group.

    We are a church of small groups!

    Here at Young Adults we strive to be a church made up of small groups. People gathering throughout the week in our community who all come to gather together on a Sunday night.


    Groups are a great place to ask questions, wrestle with faith, and get to know great people!


    Small groups are going to start on February 4th! You can sign up for a group starting on January 20th!

  • Meet Our Team.


    Worship Leader


    YA Intern

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